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The start of Ave Munde Cookbooks

How did Ave Munde Cookbooks start?

Well, it all started with a request from my food loving niece, who loves to cook too. For her 9th birthday she wanted a #cookbook about Spanish food. And the reason for this specific request: I live in Spain, my husband is Spanish, a trained chef and restaurant owner (El Lago de Boadilla)! This was such an irresistible combination for her and therefore she really really wanted to have a cookbook with Spanish tapas recipes. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find such a cookbook, so I decided to write one for her.

Initially I planned to write a cookbook for children. And thus I started collecting recipes. During the writing and cooking process, however, I realised that I wanted to create a cookbook for teenagers/young adults. Not only because my niece was no longer a 9-year-old, but already a teen. But also, because cookbooks for children are too childish for teenagers and young adults. Next to that, quite often teenagers/young adults have good palates so quite likely they like to try different dishes. And finally, cookbooks for adults don’t have enough information for inexperienced cooks to prepare a dish independently.

During the corona lockdown in 2020, when we were locked up in our homes for 3 months, I picked up on working on my first cookbook Toffe Tapas. And that’s how Ave Munde Cookbooks came to its existence.

And you know what... ‘Toffe Tapas’ and ‘Terrific Tapas’ will not be the only cookbook. I have 5 nieces and nephews, and I’m going to write a cookbook for each one of them. A second cookbook is already ‘cooking’, a third one is simmering in the oven too. And ideas for cookbook no. 4 and 5 are popping up in my mind as well.

An ‘Ave Munde cooks’-series, with 5 books, is on its way! Cookbooks filled with delicious, authentic, interesting and good recipes. Not only in Dutch and English, in the future in other languages as well.

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