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Authentic Spanish tapas recipes

Are the recipes authentic?

Oh yes, they are! It’s #food the #Spanish people love to eat at home. They enjoy making and baking a good Empanada de Atún (savoury tuna pie) or a Ensaladilla Rusa (potato salad). And for lunch they like to eat a Pisto manchego (vegetable stew). They also like to eat this food when they go out for drinks and #tapas.

What I love about this #cookbook is that quite a number of recipes came from chefs and restaurant owners. The very kind Luis and Ricardo, owners and trained chefs from El Lago de Boadilla gave me the recipe of their delicious Tarta de Queso (cheesecake).

And Luis, owner of Conchas, casa de comida, showed me how to make Mejillones Tigre (stuffed mussel shells), Gazpacho (cold vegetable soup) and Ensaladilla Rusa (potato salad). The stuffed mussel shells are a favourite in his bar.

The great Javi Aparicio, owner and chef of Cachivache Taberna , La Raquetista and Salino, was bribed into handing over his (not so secret anymore) recipe for the patatas bravas sauce. A spicy sauce that you eat with fried potatoes. And, if you want, serve it with some alioli too.

Julian, owner and chef of Chifa Comedor and Gil’s cocktailbar, told me how his parents used to make a Bizcocho de Yogur (yogurt cake) for the bar his parents used to have. And Julian’s mother gave me the recipe for the anise biscuits (Perrunillas).

There are so many stories to tell about the origin of the recipes, but that just takes too long!

One recipe I created myself: the alcohol free #Sangria. It’s such a fun drink for summer.

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