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Find out how beautiful the world is 


1. Unique Cookbooks For Aspiring Chefs To Master Delicious International Food. 
2.  Rapid Transformation And Change With Rapid Therapy
To Fully Enjoy Life

Who we are


Hello World! Did you know that Ave Munde means “Hail, world” in Latin?


I, Silke, just love the world. With all its cultures, climates, humour, love, challenges, languages, adventures, different communications and more. It´s a wonderful thing to experience and enjoy the beauty of our world.

I have travelled the world and I have explored my inner world. It was a bumpy road at times. It still is at times. Because that´s how life is. But it is also so rewarding to navigate through it all.


My goal is to bring the world to you, into your life.

To show you how beautiful the world is.

To show you how much the world has to offer you.

To show you how exciting the world can be.

That´s why I chose Ave Munde as my company name, to say Hello World.


What I offer? Think:

fun, love, adventures, delicious food, confidence, inner peace & freedom.

How do I bring the world to you? - AVE MUNDE COOKBOOKS


Maybe you feel insecure or even afraid in the kitchen. Not really knowing how to prepare a recipe, because the recipes are difficult to understand.

Maybe you would like to learn how to cook delicious food that you´ve got to know on your holidays.


Ave Munde Cookbooks publishes  amazing cookbooks for aspiring, inexperienced chefs, taking away your fear for cooking, helping you prepare delicious food. The Ave Munde Cookbooks are a bit like cookbooks for dummies.

You will gain confidence with the easy to follow recipes.

You will cook authentic and delicious recipes.

You will enjoy restaurant quality food at home.


My cookbooks are the best cookbooks there are on the market for new chefs. So, let´s start cooking, and  bring the world to your table!


How do I bring the world to you? - AVE MUNDE THERAPY

Experience rapid transformation and change.

Go to the root cause of your issue(s) and understand why those issues are limiting you, blocking you, stopping you from having inner peace, great relations, freedom, abundance, love, good health or a clear mind. You´ll learn how to break the cycle quickly. Both RTT and EFT are great modalities to install new beliefs.

I help you to ease your issues

I help you to break the cycle

I help you to enjoy life


Say hello to the world with your newly acquired freedom, change & transformation.

You might wonder: “Why the different hats?”

Well, that’s easy, I’ve decided to follow my heart´s desire and to create a company where my passions flourish. Food. Cultures. Traveling. Widening other people’s worlds. Creating a better world for myself and others.

Ave Munde Cookbooks and Ave Munde Therapy: bringing the world to you.



Need more information? Or you just want to say hello? Feel free to contact me through the following form:

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Madrid, Spain


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