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Find out how beautiful the world is 

Unique cookbooks to make delicious international dishes. 
 Mind-blowing great therapy to fully embrace life. 



Hello World! Did you know that Ave Munde means “Hail, world” in Latin?


We chose Ave Munde as our company name, because we love the world. With all its cultures, climates, humour, love, challenges, languages, adventures, different communications and more.


We want to bring the world to you, onto your doorstep, into your life. We want to expand your world. We want to show you how beautiful and exciting the world is. To show you how much the world has to offer you. To show you how much the world can bring you. Such as, fun, love, adventures, delicious food, confidence, inner peace & freedom, and so much more.


“That’s a lot of much!”, you might think. And yes, the world is much. At times overwhelmingly-much. And quite often give-me-more-much. So that’s why we are here: “Ave Munde”, “Hello World”. We are bringing the world to you.


How do we bring the world to you?

We bring the world to you by writing and publishing amazing cookbooks. Cookbooks for inexperienced chefs, taking away fear for cooking, helping you prepare delicious food. The Ave Munde Cookbooks are a bit like cookbooks for dummies. Ave Munde Cookbooks publishes the best cookbooks there are on the market for: teenagers; students; young adults; everyone who feels young; everyone who doesn’t feel so young any more; and inexperienced chefs. Cookbooks filled with authentic and delicious international recipes. Enjoy the easy to follow recipes, and enjoy restaurant quality home-cooked food at home. So, start cooking, and let’s bring the world to your table!


We also bring the world to you by offering seriously mind-blowing therapy. Hypnotherapy, working with the subconscious, because that's where our beliefs & habits are stored. Beliefs that helped you survive, to get you to where you are today. But also beliefs that are perhaps blocking or stopping you from achieving inner peace, freedom, abundance, love, better health or a clear mind.

By accessing the subconscious mind, we help you ease your problems. We help you break the cycle. We help you to enjoy life again, with all its beauty, its challenges, its love. We help you to embrace your inner and outer world. We help you expand your world, finding freedom, change & transformation. We are bringing the world to you, for you to say: “Hello world, here I am!”.

You might wonder: “Why the different hats?”

Well, that’s easy, we’ve decided to create a company where our passions flourish. By doing so, we actually brought the world to ourselves. Food. Cultures. Traveling. Widening other people’s worlds. Creating a better world for others. In Ave Munde our passions are perfectly merged.

Ave Munde Cookbooks and Ave Munde Therapy: bringing the world to you.



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Madrid, Spain


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